We are an architech and graphic designer.

António Brito is a Portuguese architect with more than 30 years of experience.

You can find in the streets of greater Porto, riding his electric bike when it’s sunny, or driving a tiny eco-friendly electric Smart when it rains. He likes to design small objects to embed on his architecture projects, and now he gave himself the challenge of creating a new line of attractive author design products.

Inês Brito is a Portuguese designer with experience in national and international business and design growth.

Her passion is to create visual, emotional and cultural connection between customers and companies. She complements her dads creative work in interior design and home decor by providing custom packaging that promotes sustainability while fulfilling eco-friendly needs.

Minimal Cork products are 100% handmade and  full of tradition.

We strongly believe creations should always be made in a space of joy, honor, and respect. By following our products closelley since we create them till their are shipped, we always try to pass those same values into the very fiber of all handmade items.