António Brito

— Architect & dreamer

António Brito is a Portuguese architect that has built over 200 projects in Angola, Mozambique, Brazil and Portugal.

You can find in the streets of greater Porto, riding his electric bike when it’s sunny, or driving a tiny eco-friendly electric Smart when it rains. He likes to design small objects to embed on his architecture projects, and now he gave himself the challenge of creating a new line of attractive author design products.

Renown product designer and architect, Antonio Brito, seamlessly combines technologically advanced products with minimalist design while incorporating the traditions of handmade Portuguese products. The authour has developed an innovative line of environmentally friendly products, based on recycled cork found in his home country.

Arq. António Brito


Rua dos Azevinhos 125
4510-501 Porto – Portugal

+351 917 593 138  +351 224 809 217